English speaking nail salon in Shibuya Tokyo JAPAN

Welcome Foreign Customer!

Nail Salon PINKY is a private nail salon in Shibuya, Tokyo, JAPAN.
The English-speaking nail technician and salon owner Rie will happily welcome you in the Shibuya salon, which is just 1 minute from Shibuya Station.
I also welcome two or more people at the same time, but I can do just one by one.
Thank you for your understanding.

One of the most popular menu in PINKY is Calgel.
Calgel is an advanced nail system that promotes a healthy nail, and won’t damage your nails.
The best nail art experience in Japan!


I’ll be waiting for your call or e-mail.
It is more convenient for me to respond by e-mail than by phone.
Please note that I can’t answer the phone during my working.

Please make a reservation as early as possible.
(Reservations accepted 2 months in advance.)

From Japan: 03-6427-4403
From Abroad: +81-3-6427-4403


Please let me know the following:
②date&time (Please write a couple of alternative dates.)
③menu(Please write a menu you want to do clearly.)
・Gel or Normal polish / Manicure or Pedicure
・Need nail art or not / Need extensions or not
・Need gel removal or not
ex: Calgel Design Set, need 10 nails gel removal
④mobile phone number(include country number)

When reservation has been confirmed, I will inform you of the detail of my salon’s address and map by e-mail.
My salon only accepts cash.
Your reservation will be canceled if you are late more than 15 minutes.
Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

♥Address provided on appointment
♥Cash Only(Not accept credit card.)
♥Ladies Only(Not accept men’s nail.)


CALGEL (by gel)

Calgel Set Menu

♥Calgel Simple Coloring Set ¥9,900  60min
(cut, file, cuticle push, calgel coloring)

♥Calgel Design Set ¥11,000(minimum price)〜 70min
(cut, file, cuticle push, calgel, basic design)

♥Calgel Character Design Set ¥15,000(minimum price)〜 120min
(cut, file, cuticle push, calgel, character design)
★Prices vary with characters, so please let me know what character you want to do.
ex: Hello Kitty, Totoro, Sailor Moon, Disney, STAR WARS, Sushi, Sweets, Hokusai etc...

♥Calgel Extensions Design Set ¥15,400(minimum price)〜 100min
(cut, file, cuticle push, tip extensions, calgel, basic design)

♥Foot Calgel Set ¥10,000  70min
(foot bath, cut, file, cuticle cut, calgel coloring)


Soak Off Gel Removal(1 nail/change) ¥110
Soak Off Gel Removal(1 nail/only removal) ¥330
Hard Gel Removal(1 nail/change) ¥440
Hard Gel Removal(1nail/only removal)¥660
SNS or Acrylic Removal(1 nail) ¥220
SNS or Acrylic Removal(1 nail/only removal)¥440


Cut,file ¥1,100

Tip Extension (1 nail) ¥440

Acrylic Extension(1 nail) ¥1,100

Manicure (by normal polish)

♥Special Manicure Set ¥5,500  50min
(cut, file, buff, cuticle cut, hand massage, polish coloring)

♥Nail Care Set ¥3,900  30min
(cut, file, buff, cuticle cut, hand massage)


Coloring(Normal polish) ¥2,500

Cut,file ¥1,100

Cuticle cut ¥2,200

Hand massage ¥1,800  15min

Shine / Buff ¥1,100

Pedicure (by normal polish)

♥Special Pedicure Set ¥9,900  70min
(foot bath, cut, file, buff, removal of dry skin, cuticle cut, polish coloring)

♥Mini Pedicure Set ¥5,500  60min
(foot bath, cut, file, buff, cuticle cut, polish coloring)

♥Foot Care Set ¥7,700  60min
(foot bath, cut, file, buff, removal of dry skin, cuticle cut, half foot massage)


Coloring(Normal polish) ¥2,500

Cut,file ¥1,100

Cuticle cut (with Foot bath) ¥2,900

Foot massage ¥2,900 15min

Shine / Buff ¥1,100

Removal of dry skin and callus ¥4,400


Natural / Clear (1 nail) ¥1,100

Repair/Fill in (1 nail) ¥660

Acrylic Removal (1 nail/change) ¥220
Acrylic Removal (only removal) ¥440


Glitter Gradation ¥1,650

French ¥2,200

Dot / Marble ¥3,300

Paint Art ¥550~

3D Art ¥1,000~

Swarovski ¥100~

Dry Flower ¥550~